It will take political commitment and leadership as well as resources and networks to be mobilized. At the same time it will take engagement from Africa-wide organizations, regional bodies, governments, policy makers, business, civil society, researchers, development partners, the media and the public. 

Measuring where Africa stands on regional integration gives an assessment of what is happening across the continent and is an important way of highlighting where the gaps are. It is a dynamic, evolving way to track integration by giving everyone access to verified, quality information to start a dialogue and take forward the next steps to integrate Africa.

Factory workers

The Index is part of a central database and system for collecting data on regional integration. It will capture additional data for indicators that are not part of the Index but that play a role in regional integration, from the movement of workers across borders to trade corridor costs.

It is over to the Index user to make use of the information in the rankings and scores, by drilling down to priority areas, to drive concrete change at policy and operational level. 

"Helping to shape Africa’s transformation & growth prospect"

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