The majority of countries perform well on at least one dimension of regional integration, even if their overall regional integration score is not high.

There are few countries that are low performers across all dimensions. Each country can share lessons and insights with other countries on the areas where they perform strongly and also identify how to address any gaps going forward.

Country Profiles

Headline Findings

‘Deeply integrated’ countries

Top performing countries on regional integration overall are considered ‘deeply integrated,’ with economies that are strongly integrated with others in the REC. These countries feature in the top four performers in a REC that has more than six member countries or they feature in the top two performers in a REC that has less than six member countries.

Findings: 28 top performing countries across the eight RECs on regional integration overall are considered ‘deeply integrated.’ These are the top four countries in CEN-SAD, COMESA, ECCAS, ECOWAS, IGAD and SADC and the top two countries in EAC and UMA.

Findings: A country’s economic weight (as % of regional GDP) does not necessarily correspond to its regional integration score.

Economically powerful countries are not necessarily better integrated in their RECs, with the exception of South Africa in SADC and Kenya in EAC. There is a strong potential for Algeria, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan and the United Republic of Tanzania to integrate more within their RECs by steering their economies towards the region.

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