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Dimensions and Indicators

Index makeup diagram

The Five Dimensions & Indicators

Trade Integration

  • Average intra-regional import tariffs
  • Share of intra-regional exports over GDP
  • Share of intra-regional imports over GDP
  • Share of intra-regional trade
  • AfCFTA

Productive Integration

  • Share of intra-regional intermediate exports
  • Share of intra-regional intermediate imports
  • Merchandise trade complementarity index

Macroeconomic integration

  • Regional inflation differential
  • Regional convertibility of currency
  • Number of bilateral investment treaties in force

Infrastructural integration

  • Proportion of intra-regional flight connections
  • AfDB Infrastructure Development Index

Free Movement of People

  • Free Movement of Persons Protocol (Kigali)
  • Number of countries that may obtain a visa on arrival
  • Number of countries that require a visa