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  • Regional Infrastructure
    Countless connections made by road, by air or by airwaves have an important impact on Africa’s integration.
  • Trade Integration
    When trade flows are faster and more cost-effective, business and consumers in the regions benefit.
  • Productive Integration
    Making production work better for the continent across different sectors, by being part of regional and global value chains.
  • Free Movements of People
    Getting people to move freely across Africa represents a powerful boost to economic growth and skills development.
  • Financial & Macroeconomic Integration
    When capital flows freely across Africa, investment increases and finance is allocated where it can generate the most productivity

Headline Findings

Every REC has higher than average scores in one or more Dimensions.

Highest scores are on Trade integration, with average REC scores of 0.546.

Trade integration has been a longstanding regional integration priority across all RECs. 

Lowest scores are on Financial and macroeconomic integration, with average REC scores of 0.381.

Financial and macroeconomic integration has been limited across the RECs, including ensuring the convertibility of currencies or coordination of macroeconomic policies.

Average REC scores are closest together on Regional infrastructure and Productive integration.

Regional infrastructure and Productive integration have recognized REC programmes and progress is ongoing across the regions.

Average REC scores are furthest apart on Free movement of people and Financial and macroeconomic integration.

Free movement of people protocols have been signed but their application on the ground has faced challenges in different regions. Ensuring the convertibility of currencies and the coordination of macroeconomic policies at regional level has also not been consistent.

Overall Dimension Scores

Trade Integration
Regional Infrastructure
Productive Integration
Free Movement of People
Financial & Macroeconomic Integration
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