ARII covers five dimensions of regional integration: trade integration, productive integration, macroeconomic integration, infrastructural integration, and the free movement of people.


How this country ranks within SADC

Country is a high performer – score is higher than average of countries
Country is an average performer – score is within the average of countries
Country is a low performer –score is below the average of countries
Average score across REC member countries

ARII uses a 95 percent confidence interval from the mean to identify countries’ performance as low, average, or high. Under linear conditions, a score below 0.333 is classified as low, a score between 0.334 and 0.667 is classified as average, and a score above 0.668 is classified as high.

Compare this country’s scores per dimension

Trade Integration
Infrastructural Integration
Productive Integration
Free Movement of People
Macroeconomic Integration